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Photoelectric Sensor
Light Curtain
Level-Control Limit Switch
Temperature Sensor
Installation Parts
Solid state Relay
Textile Parts and Detector
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Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor
photoelectic sensor
photoelectic sensor
í˝ Enabled to adjust detecting range
í˝ Compact size
í˝ Less affected by objectí» colo...
2)OUT:0-15V DC 4-20mA...
Main Product: Proximity Sensor,Inductive Proximity Sensor,Capacitive Proximity Sensor,Magnetism type sensor,Analog Output Sensor,Hall Sensor,Reed Switch,Photoelectric Sensor,Light Curtain,Position Controller,Level Controller,Float Series,Electric conduction type,Temperature Sensor,Thermocouple series,Thermo-resistance series,Installation Parts  Solid state Relay,Textile Sensor and Detector,Gate magnetism series sensor

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