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Photoelectric Sensor
Light Curtain
Level-Control Limit Switch
Temperature Sensor
Installation Parts
Solid state Relay
Textile Parts and Detector
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Quality and Service Response:

Products quality and service is related with enterprise's faithfulness to wide customers, which is the dignity of enterprise image in wide society lines. Tonger look quality and service deficiency as the core problem of the management.

We hope to get any kind quality response,


Main Product:Proximity Sensor  Inductive Proximity Sensor  Capacitive Proximity Sensor  Magnetism type sensor  Analog Output Sensor  Hall Sensor  Reed Switch  Photoelectric Sensor  Light Curtain  Position Controller  Level Controller  Float Series  Electric conduction type  Temperature Sensor  Thermocouple series  Thermo-resistance series  Installation Parts  Solid state Relay  Textile Sensor and Detector  Gate magnetism series sensor

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