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Photoelectric Sensor
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Temperature Sensor
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Company Introduction:

Shanghai Tonger Sensor-electric Co.,Ltd. is one famous company specialized in Sensor Manufacture of worldwide market. For promoting the technology and artwork development of sensor, Tonger Corp. have been actively boosting the cooperation of advanced sensor tech and Tonger manufacture. Tonger company purchased securities of some important Chinese Sensor academes for strict QC and competitive cost. By wide and reciprocal cooperation Tonger established reliable and strong market net in China and other countries. Every month Tonger can sell over 336, 000pcs of sensor products, and more relays ,other electric accessories to Chinese export companies. Products include kinds of, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Thermocouples,Electric Heaters,Infared Sensors,Fibre optic Sensor with amplifiers Magnetic Contacts Switch, Reed Switch, and Safe Light Curtain Sensors. Tonger sensors was widely used in many different lines, such as Textile, Machinery, Mine, Printing, Petrochemical, Construction, and so on.


Main Product:Proximity Sensor  Inductive Proximity Sensor  Capacitive Proximity Sensor  Magnetism type sensor  Analog Output Sensor  Hall Sensor  Reed Switch  Photoelectric Sensor  Light Curtain  Position Controller  Level Controller  Float Series  Electric conduction type  Temperature Sensor  Thermocouple series  Thermo-resistance series  Installation Parts  Solid state Relay  Textile Sensor and Detector  Gate magnetism series sensor

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