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Photoelectric Sensor
Light Curtain
Level-Control Limit Switch
Temperature Sensor
Installation Parts
Solid state Relay
Textile Parts and Detector
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Business Information

Company Name:Shanghai Tonger Sensor-Electric Co., Ltd.
Company Type: Manufacture, Exporter
Business Range: Sensors, relays

Manufacture address:
258# Taibo Road No.3 Spare Parts Assembly Industrial Zone Shanghai International Motorcar City.
Telephone No. 0086-021-66163069

Sales Address: No. 01, 23/FL, D Block, Zhengmao Building, Xinchen,
Province/State: Zhejiang
City/Town: Wenzhou
Zip/Postal Code: 325001
Time Zone:* (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Hong Kong
Telephone No. 0086-577-88928078 / 56812908
Fax No.: 0086-577-88928079

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