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Proximity sensor

  Series: Inductive Proximity Sensor
  Name: Proximity sensor
  Model: NFN5-17K28-E0
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Product Features:

Type Installation Detecting Distance Output Function Modle
DC 3/4 wire Embedded 3mm NPN NO NFB3-17K28-E0
NC NFB3-17K28-E1
PNP NO NFB3-17K28-E2
NC NFB3-17K28-E3
Non-embedded 5mm NPN NO NFN5-17K28-E0
NC NFN5-17K28-E1
PNP NO NFN5-17K28-E2
NC NFN5-17K28-E3
Product Features
Types of Sensors Proximity sensor
Set Distance (Sr) Sn*80%
Hysteresis Distance 1---15%Sn

Repeated Precision


Rated Voltage 10-30VDC
Rated Current 200mA
General voltage Drop <2.5VDC

No load Current

Response Time <1000HZ
Protection Circuit  Reverse Polarity Protection/Short Circuit Protection
Action indicate LED  red/yellow
Insulation resistance Min.500M¦¸(at 500vdc)
Operation Temperature -25---+70íŠ

Storage Temperature

Mode of Connection  Cable PVC
Housing  Material PBT/ABS
Protection class IP67
Wiring Diagram


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