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TONGER | Photoelectric Sensor

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photoelectic sensorGO18-TDNA Feature:

photoelectic sensor  GO18-TDNA

L100 Feature:


L101 Feature:


L63 Feature:


L64 Feature:


Photoelectric SensorsL65 Feature:

Photoelectric Sensors  L65

L71 Feature:


L72 Feature:


L73 Feature:


L96 Feature:


photoelectic sensorOTL14 Feature:
 Enabled to adjust detecting range 
 Compact size 
 Less affected by object color 
 Power Cost effective                         
3 types: Thru-beam, Diffuse reflective,Retro reflective 
NPN, PNP available 
OEM/ODM available

photoelectic sensor  OTL14

Photoelectric SensorsGF-H32JC Feature:

Photoelectric Sensors  GF-H32JC

Tw30 Feature:


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