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TONGER | Capacitive Proximity Sensor

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CON5-12M60 Feature:


CON10-18K60 Feature:
 Series: Capacitive Proximity Sensor  
  Model: CON10-18K60-E0 
  PDF File: No Parameter!


CON10-18K60-E0 Feature:


CON20-30K60 Feature:


CON20-30K60-E0 Feature:


Proximity sensorCFN7系列 Feature:

Proximity sensor  CFN7系列

CFB5系列 Feature:


CFB8系列(25*25*38) Feature:


Capacitive sensorsCFB10系列(30*30*52) Feature:

Capacitive sensors  CFB10系列(30*30*52)

Capacitive Proximity SensorCFN20 系列 Feature:

Capacitive Proximity Sensor  CFN20 系列

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